Saturday, November 8, 2014


OLG has another promotion on for the NHL lotto where you can get a free ticket to play.  I love the promotions!  
Make sure to get your free play for NHL lotto ticket.  You have a chance to instantly win plus a  chance to win in the nightly draw.

How to play
Take your coupon to your local retailer.  
Your NHL®team is represented by the shooting player on screen and also appears on your ticket for the nightly draw.
WATCH THE SCREEN - Watch the lottery terminal screen to see your player take 3 shots at prize targets in the net. If your player hits a target you win the prize and each prize target your player hits adds to the total prize.

CHECK YOUR TICKET - Check your ticket after the nightly draw to see if you've matched your NHL® team and/or Lotto Numbers.
One coupon per person. Users attempting to circumvent this rule will have their coupons invalidated, and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Good Luck!

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