Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Worlds Best Cat Litter Rebate

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

LePage Super Glue

I had the opportunity to test out this glue by LePage and found this stuff is just amazing!
I had lots of projects to glue and this couldn't have come at a better time.
The glue is water and heat resistant and can be used on metal, ceramic,leather, rubber and wood. The bottle  has a self piercing tube to apply it and sets in seconds. I liked that it is an ultra gel so it was not runny and easy to apply as well.

  This glue was fast setting and you only needed a couple of drops to do the job. Make sure to wear latex gloves and place what you are glueing on a plastic bag or piece of cardboard.
 I started by testing it out on a marble top that broke and it set it in a minutes time. Below is the finished product, it worked like a charm! My mother always said a picture is worth a thousand words so here they are.

I also used this on a candle stick that was made of ceramic and it glued it wonderfully!

Now wait...the best is yet to come!  I bought a used patio set this summer and the chairs had a rubber webbing on the seats and there was one chair that a piece of the webbing came loose.  The lady I bought it off of told me you can buy replacement webbing but the clips that came with the webbing could not be replaced as I looked everywhere in search of these clips and couldn't find any.  These clips hook on the webbing and lock into the chair to hold the seat together and I was discouraged.  So I thought why not try the glue and glue it.  Well was I surprised, it held with a firm grip.  A friend came over and she is a larger lady and she sat in the chair and it held well.

This is another project I did.  I glued the front piece on my cup holder that had broke off.  I used clothes pins just to hold it in place until it dried.  I was very happy with the results.  And after I glued this I cleaned my car as I seen by the pictures it was in need of a clean, heehee!

So if you need to do any gluing I would highly recommend Le Page Super Glue.
It is strong, durable, quick drying and stands the test.
For myself when it comes to a gluing job this is my only go to glue.