Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas time and pets

When it comes to Christmas some people like to dress up their pets.  I have a Siamese cat and he is kinda bah humbug when it comes to dressing him up he is not crazy about accessories.  My boyfriend bought him an outfit and we got the hat and collar on but he refused to put the jacket on.  By the picture you can tell he was not impressed.  It was fun trying to dress him up!
Christmas is a great time of year for pets.  I always get my cat Caesar a stocking and put it under the tree. I also pick him up a catnip toy with his stocking,  He just loves catnip!  He loves getting presents and enjoys trying to open presents that are not his that are under the tree as well.  I am glad he doesn't try to climb my tree or play with the ornaments.  I know some peoples cats like to do that so I am fortunate that way.
  I think it is cute when people dress up their pets.  My neighbour dresses up her dog in outfits right down to little booties and he looks so cute.  It reminded me of the movie I seen called Legally Blonde but the neighbours outfit didn't match the dogs.
Do you have any pets?  Do you have a cat or dog?  Do you dress them up?

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  1. I have a cat but I don't dress her up. I think it's sort of cute but I don't think the animals like it very much, which is why I don't do it. My cat likes to prance around naked so I let her.