Saturday, April 9, 2016

Review- Vichy Idealia Products

I had the opportunity through Chick- Advisor to test some Vichy Products
I am a big fan of Vichy and the creams are my go to products.
They are high end and quality, a little on the pricier side but are worth every cent!!
I am satisfied with the overall performance and how great your skin looks after using them. Each time I use them it is like getting a makeover in a jar, bottle or tube.

I just tried the Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep which I use every night after my make up is removed, and have been buying it since.
This product when applied feels wonderful, the texture is smooth and not greasy and soaks into your skin and your skin feels soft and moisturised. It feels like springs in the dessert when applied.  My skin looks better and is smoother, less lines and is highly moisturised and makes your skin look fresh and alive!
I just love it!!!!
If you haven't tried it and your skin is dull and slightly dry I would suggest giving it a try.
This gets 5 Stars from me

I totally love this product and it is a perfect shade for me. When applied to the face it is a moisturiser and a tinted colour all in one.  I find when I apply it my complexion looks smoother and covers any marks(blemishes and scars) on my skin.  Plus it has SPF 25 for protection against the harmful rays of the sun.  Excellent quality ad worth purchasing.
I give this a 5 Star as well
I have also tried the Vichy Life Serum
Vichy is a quality product and I love all Vichy products but I found it didn't settle on my skin but was peeling, It made my face red and I didn't really find any benefits with this one.
This one gets 2 Stars out of 5  The 2 stars is I love Vichy brand and the bottle was easy to use and apply it.

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