Monday, April 4, 2016

How to Make Money on Your Cell Phone

Do you enjoy playing games on your phone? Do you like making money?  Have you found any good apps on your phone that you can make money with that don't cost you a penny?  
  I have found a great site to make money, have fun doing it and you get paid.  This game I warn you is addictive and once you start playing it you will have an addiction!

The game is called Qriket and you will love it!
You can get the app on your Iphone or android.
It costs nothing to sign up
Use my Referral link and get 25 free spins
Use the code 10E461 to get 25 @Qriket Spins.
 Get it free at
Here is more informtion on how to download 
to your phone the app is in Google Play 
CLICK HERE for more info
There are codes posted on Twitter, Snapchat and 
Instagram for free spins, and there are videos to watch for 
free spins usually after midnight every evening.

How the game is played is you pick a colour, either 
yellow or blue and spin the Wheel, if it lands on your colour you win!
Once you reach $20 you can cash out through Paypal

Try the game, you have nothing to lose but if
 you play you can gain Cash and we all like extra cash!

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