Friday, April 1, 2016

Loreal Root Cover Up Red, WOWZERS!!!!!!

Here is the package I received in the mail below.

I recently had the opportunity to receive and do an honest review on the new Loreal Root Cover Up Spray in red through Influenster.
I used this on my boyfriends Mother Shirley as she has red hair and grey roots.  I was a bit sceptical of this product but when I started applying it I was very impressed!  

Before the application of the product

When applying it and after I was finished

She needs a haircut but you get the idea and can see the results!  

It not only covered the root but as you can see by the picture it blended well with the red she had in her hair already.  This stayed in and didn't bleed out when she sweat.  It had a good consistency and went on even. 
 The can is small and a bit pricey but if your hair is short it can be used for a couple times. 
Loreal made a great innovative product for the woman on the go.  If you have roots and company is going to surprise you and drop in unannounced you want to look your best so this is a great product to have on hand for the occasion.

This product gets a 5 Star Rating!

Thanks Loreal for the new innovative products that make our life better.

Tell me below your thoughts on this product.

Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed are those of my own and not necessarily those of the companies.  I received this product through Influenster free of charge for testing purposes. 

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