Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crest Pro-Health Review-Use these products for a Healthy Mouth!


I have been using my Crest Pro-Health Products that I received and I totally love them.  I am now sold on this brand. @Crest Pro-Health. The toothpaste was a nice minty flavour, not to overpowering, texture was a good consistency. It  made my teeth feel plaque free and wonderfully clean. My teeth look a bit brighter as well.  The Crest Pro-Health Rinse  made my whole mouth feel clean and germ free.  I hate to admit it but lately I have a bit of bad breath but this mouth rinse cuts the bad odour or taste in the mouth and keeps it quite fresh for a long time.  The Oral B toothbrush was a soft brush but firm at getting the job done.

Crest Pro-Health Gets 5 out of Five Stars on all the tests on all 3 products
Quality of the Product

I would highly recommend trying these products to see for your self the extra wonderful clean that your mouth will feel.  
Thank you Crest Pro-Health and my mouth thanks you!!

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