Saturday, October 29, 2011

Feed The Hungry & End Homelessness

I live in a Small City in the Niagara Region and we do not see any homeless people here like you do in the bigger cities in Toronto and such.
I was on my way to work last week and I take the bus and then catch a trans-cab to work.  The bus let me off and I had to wait for a cab.  While waiting I was standing with two high school teens and to my dismay I looked across the street from were I was standing to see an older heavy set man with track pants and boots on.  He went into the garbage can and took out an old Tim Horton's cup that had a string coming out of it.  It was tea and I guess there was still some in the cup and he drank it.  I could not believe what I seen.
The two high school students laughed and thought it was funny that he picked through the garbage and drank an old tea.
  I thought this was very sad to see and I wondered if he was homeless.
On the ride to work in the taxi the teens were telling the cab driver about it and laughing.  I told the two of them that they are really blessed to have a warm house to go to and food to eat.
  They thought about it and said yes that is true and they thought about what I said to them.
Hunger and homelessness is not a laughing matter, some people really need to think about things other than themselves and try to make a difference in the lives of others.
We need to make an impact on and in the lives of others.

If this story touched you in any way please click below to give to Hunger.
  Only you can make a difference today in the lives of others!!
When you are taken to this site you can click to give to many things and it is free.


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