Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Do you colour your hair at home? What hair dye do you use?

  •  I just tried the Nice 'N Easy Natural Radiant Auburn, has the natural looking colour with tones and highlights. Three salon tones in one simple step with a colour seal conditioner
  • I was asked to do a review on it so here are my before and after pics with my thoughts on the overall product
  • The opinions expressed are those of my own and not necessarily the sponsors or its affiliates.
When my hair colour arrived I was excited to try it!  I had let my hair go and I had some nasty roots.  I have never used nice n easy but I know it does cover grey hair as well.  I have a few grey hair around my hairline in the temples of my head.  So I said this is it time to get to colouring.

   I got all set up in the bathroom and decided to take some pictures of my hair before the transformation.
Look at the roots, and my hair is a mousy colour before I started
I didn't even have make up on so you are the privileged ones to see me oh natural, ha ha.

I mixed the solution and found that it was a bit drippy and was wiping parts of my bathroom.  I am used to the colour being a bit more thick in consistency.  The smell of the product was a bit on the strong side.  I will have to say though when it was time to apply the colour seal conditioner it smelled fantastic!  The scent was like coconuts and I love that smell, also covered the grey and the overall affect was multifaceted colour which looked pretty amazing and very shiny and healthy.  Best of all no more roots!!!
AFTER pictures look no more roots!
I was happy with the results as the colour is vibrant and my hair looks healthy and the colour is even looking.
It has more dimension too it as well.

Here is my rating of Nice 'N Easy

                                                 Texture or consistency of the mixture 


The scent of the hair dye


The  scent of the Colour Seal conditioner
The overall performance of the  product

The claims of the 3 Tones in one simple step

100% Grey Coverage

In my opinion the only thing that the company could improve on is the smell of the dye and consistency or texture of the mixture, but it does give nice results!

So tell me what brand of hair colour do you use?  Have you tried Nice 'N Easy?  What do you think of it?

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