Thursday, June 12, 2014

CHCHing-Earn Points for Free Merchandise

CHCH news is Celebrating 60 Years and they have a new program on their website where you can cash in a get free stuff.
Who doesn't like FREE stuff!
This new website to earn points from CHCH was advertised on TV.   TIf you choose to sign up to CHCHing it is free, just go to the page and click the top left corner to Register. You can Register through your Facebook or Twitter account.  When you sign up you automatically receive 6000 points but the points for signing up is a limited time for their early bird program.  You watch, surf and share content to be rewarded with points.  It's that easy!    For the points you receive you can enter draws or cash in for merchandise.  I love programs like this.  It is easy to accumulate points.  When you share content on social media you receive 100 points so the points will add up quickly.
Here is how the point system works
Watch a news clip
Email an article
Stream News
Share on social media
Watch a partner video
Watch special

Easy to do Right?  So why not sign up today!

The link is below

Sign up here

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