Monday, April 7, 2014

Get Paid to Take Online Surveys!

I have signed up to lots of survey sites to make money and I find that some of them take so long to actually cash out.  I prefer the survey sites that pay a bit more money per survey.
My favourite one is Survey Lion as there isn't a threshold.  Also they don't swamp you with invites in your email.  They pay pretty good to per survey.  The only thing is that the surveys expire fast, once they reach there target number they become expired so you want to answer them right away once your receive them in your email.  I just cashed out for $7 today!
  If you haven't signed up yet here is the link to get you started below

Survey Lion

Legerweb is my second favourite.  The threshold to cash out is $20 but doesn't take long to get that with their surveys as they pay one dollar or me per survey.  I will be cashing out soon on this site as well. I had never heard of this survey site but a friend from Montreal referred me to it and it is a good one. I was glad he referred me!

  If you want to sign up here is the link below.


Have you signed up to any survey sites?  Which ones are your favourites?

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