Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Product Recalls in Canada-Stay Informed

As my mother always said a Healthy Home is a Happy Home so lets keep it healthy and happy!
    I was checking out the product recall site and found out that there was a recall on a birth control product and was quite surprised to see this.  I don't have to worry about birth control but I am sure some of my readers use it. Everyone leads very busy lives today and they don't always have the chance to stay informed of the recalls on products so I decided to list some of the products here to make life a little easier. 

Indoor Hanging Chairs

Children's books titled "Count my Kisses,1,2,3" and "red, green, blue, I love you"

Various Golden feast Inc. Bird Food

New Comfort Water Air Purifier

ESME 28 Birth Control Oral Contraceptives

Vita Health Recalls (various brands)

Ventura Tents

Target Threshold Brand White 2-Bulb Floor Lamp

Monster Ball Yo-Yo Balls

 Neal Brothers Foods -Organic MEDIUM Salsa-500ml

There are other product recalls that I have not listed that can be found on the Healthy Canadians site and you can access the page below using the link.

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  1. Wow! I'm surprised at all of recalls! I don't stay informed on recalls even though I should. Good post! Thanks for sharing!